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Qorvo QPA2308 60 W GaN power amplifier

24 July, 2019

The QPA2308 power amplifier, from Qorvo, provides high power density and power-added efficiency for 5–6 GHz radiofrequency (RF)-based designs.

STMicroelectronics STDRIVE601 three-phase gate driver

22 July, 2019

The STMicroelectronics STDRIVE601 three-phase gate driver for 600 V N-channel power MOSFETs and IGBTs provides ruggedness against negative voltage spikes down to -100 V and responds to logic inputs in 85 ns.

MACOM MAMG-100227-010C0L broadband power amplifier module

10 July, 2019

The MACOM MAMG-100227-010C0L is a fully matched 10 W power amplifier module based on gallium nitride-on-silicon (GaN-on-Si) technology.

Maxim MAX98390 smart amplifier

20 June, 2019

Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX98390 smart amplifier, with an integrated Dynamic Speaker Management (DSM) algorithm to efficiently deliver loud, clear, rich sound at low quiescent power.

WanTcom WBA0180210A ultralow-noise amplifier

02 May, 2019

The WBA0180210A is an ultralow-noise amplifier from WanTcom. At +12 VDC operation, the unconditionally stable device offers 0.27 dB noise figure, with 27 dB of gain and +10 dBm P1dB.

Microsemi MMA053AA GaAs power amplifier

07 March, 2019

The Microsemi MMA053AA is a gallium arsenide (GaAs) monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) pHEMT distributed power amplifier die that operates between DC and 8 GHz.

Data-transmitting light signal gets power boost

13 February, 2019

Researchers have made a breakthrough in photonics, using a nanosized amplifier to improve the propagation of data inside a microchip.

Aerotech XL4s voice-coil drive

16 January, 2019

Aerotech's XL4s network digital drive is a high-performance linear amplifier designed to drive single-phase motors and eliminate the non-linearities common with PWM amplifiers. It provides deterministic behaviour, auto-identification and easy software set-up.

Towards a 5G future with TWEETHER

25 October, 2018

The European Commission Horizon 2020 TWEETHER project, headed by Lancaster University, is producing the future communication 'arteries' of 5G.

UMS CHS7012-99F reflective SPDT switch amplifier

11 October, 2018

The CHS7012-99F is a monolithic FET-based, reflective SPDT switch amplifier that operates in the DC-12 GHz frequency band.

STMicroelectronics STGAP2S galvanic isolated gate driver

07 August, 2018

With 26 V maximum gate-drive output voltage and optional separate turn-on/turn-off outputs or integrated active Miller clamp, STMicroelectronics' STGAP2S single-channel galvanic isolated gate driver can control silicon-carbide (SiC) or silicon MOSFETs and IGBTs across a range of switching topologies.

STMicroelectronics FDA803D and FDA903D digital-input automotive audio amplifiers

03 August, 2018

The FDA803D and FDA903D digital-input automotive audio amplifiers from STMicroelectronics are richly featured to simplify integration in telematics and emergency-eCall equipment, acoustic vehicle alerting systems (AVAS) in hybrid/electric vehicles and high-end infotainment systems.

STMicroelectronics EVALSP820-XS motor-driver board for 3D printing

06 June, 2018

STMicroelectronics' EVALSP820-XS motor-driver board brings ST's industrial-control expertise to the RAMPS open-source 3D-printer platform, enabling 3D printer makers to unleash the potential of their machines for faster printing and smoother surface finish.

Maxim MAX98357 and MAX98358 digital-input Class D audio power amplifiers

17 May, 2018

With the MAX98357 and MAX98358 digital-input Class D audio power amplifiers by Maxim Integrated Products, designers can achieve high efficiency of 92% in a compact plug-and-play solution.

MACOM MAAM-011220 CATV amplifier

17 May, 2018

The MAAM-011220, from MACOM Technology Solutions, is an RF amplifier for CATV applications. It provides 18 dB of ultraflat gain while biased at either 8 V, 130 mA or 5 V, 110 mA.

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