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Supercapacitors made of the world's smelliest fruit

12 March, 2020

Researchers have found a way to use jackfruit and durian — the latter considered the world's smelliest fruit — to create energy stores for rapid electricity charging.

Energy storage improved in dielectric capacitors

05 November, 2019

Researchers from Queen Mary University of London, seeking to solve a sustainable energy storage problem, have found inspiration in the most unlikely of places: the humble croissant.

Eaton XLR-51 supercapacitor module for rugged applications

11 September, 2019

The XLR-51 supercapacitor module, from Eaton, extends the XLR module family to 51.3 V and 188 F. It is suitable for rugged applications in harsh environments, such as transportation, marine, grid storage and material handling.

One chip, many functions

07 August, 2019

Saudi Arabian researchers have managed to combine sensing, energy-harvesting, current-rectifying and energy-storage functions into a single microchip.

Two additives are better than one in Li-ion capacitors

17 June, 2019

Seeking a low-cost, simple and efficient way to incorporate lithium into capacitors for electrical energy storage, researchers have proposed using two additives instead of one.

New material developed for high-voltage supercapacitors

26 February, 2019

Researchers have developed a new supercapacitor material that exhibits extraordinarily high stability under conditions of high voltage and high temperature.

Solar supercapacitors for flexible and wearable electronics

18 February, 2019

Engineers have used layers of graphene and polyurethane to create a flexible supercapacitor that can generate power from the sun and store excess energy for later use.

Maxwell Technologies BCAP3400 P300 K04 ultracapacitor cell

07 February, 2019

The BCAP3400 P300 K04 ultracapacitor cell, from Maxwell Technologies, is a 3 V, 3400F cell that has been designed as a high-energy, high-power workhorse.

Solar supercapacitors could power wearable sensors

30 July, 2018

A promising new type of graphene supercapacitor could be used in the next generation of wearable health sensors.

Ultrathin capacitive sensor has low resistance to motion

23 July, 2018

The thin and flexible sensor can move with the airflow made by even the softest noises and addresses issues with accelerometers, microphones and similar sensors.

TDK EPCOS MKP B33331V* series AC capacitors for filter applications

07 June, 2018

TDK Corporation has available the latest series of EPCOS MKP AC capacitors for filter applications. The components of the B33331V* series are designed for a rated voltage of 460 Vrms, corresponding to a peak voltage of 650 V, and cover a capacitance range from 2 to 50 µF.

Real-life flux capacitor could be key to quantum computing

31 May, 2018

A real-life version of Back to the Future's flux capacitor will have important applications in communication technology and quantum computing, according to its inventors.

TDK EPCOS B3277*H series DC link capacitors

21 May, 2018

TDK has extended its range of EPCOS film capacitors for DC link applications, with the B3277*H series now covering for particularly harsh environmental conditions.

TDK EPCOS B32320I2656J011 film capacitor for the DC link of inverters

15 March, 2018

TDK has released the B32320I2656J011 compact EPCOS film capacitor for the DC link of inverters. With dimensions of 40 x 58 mm, it offers a rated voltage of 350 VDC and a capacitance of 65 μF.

Increased energy density for supercapacitors

27 February, 2018

UK researchers have achieved impressive energy density in supercapacitors, following the development of novel polymer materials.

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