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Cypress Semiconductor EZ-PD CCG3PA controller for fast smartphone charging

15 August, 2018

The EZ-PD CCG3PA USB Type-C and power delivery (PD) controller, from Cypress Semiconductor, supports the fast charging of smartphones, tablets, notebook PCs and power banks.

ICP DAS XP-9x71-WES7 series Windows Embedded Standard 7-based PACs

10 August, 2018

The XP-9x71-WES7 series of Windows Embedded Standard 7-based PACs, from ICP DAS, combines computing, I/O and operator interface into a single unit.

STMicroelectronics STUSB4500 standalone USB Type-C and power delivery controller

26 July, 2018

STMicroelectronics' STUSB4500 standalone USB Type-C and power delivery controller extends the convenience and environmental benefits that come with powering and charging from a standardised USB-C outlet to a wide variety of consumer, industrial and medical products.

Renesas Electronics ISL68300 and ISL68301 digital controllers

19 July, 2018

The ISL68300 and ISL68301 digital DC/DC controllers provide single output point-of-load (POL) conversions for FPGAs, DSPs, ASICs, network processors and general-purpose system rails.

STMicroelectronics STCH03 offline pulse-width modulation controller

03 July, 2018

STMicroelectronics' STCH03 offline pulse-width modulation (PWM) controller combines high integration with correct constant-current output using primary-side regulation, enabling economical mobile chargers, power adapters and auxiliary supplies to meet stringent eco-design limits for average efficiency and standby power.

APEM TS Series Thumbstick

26 June, 2018

APEM's TS Series Thumbstick is a miniature joystick featuring contactless Hall effect technology to provide long-life proportional control.

Fuel injection electronics for greener motorcycles

30 March, 2018

Achieving the goals of the China IV motorcycle legislation, intended to promote better emission performance, is only possible using electronic fuel injection (EFI).

National Instruments NI-DAQmx CompactRIO controllers with TSN-enabled Ethernet ports

28 February, 2018

National Instruments' latest CompactRIO controllers include NI-DAQmx and Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN). The controllers are designed to offer deterministic communication and synchronised measurements across standard Ethernet networks to increase performance and help improve productivity and flexibility.

Explosives manufacturer invests in Rockwell motor control technology

11 December, 2017

An Eastern European explosives manufacturer is set to receive an Allen-Bradley CENTERLINE 2500 motor control centre (MCC) for its manufacturing plant.

Phoenix Contact PLCnext Control open-platform controller

08 December, 2017

The PLCnext Control open control platform combines the robustness and security of a classic PLC with the openness and flexibility of the world of smart devices.

STMicroelectronics STSPIN32F0A programmable motor controller

26 October, 2017

STMicroelectronics' STSPIN32F0A programmable motor controller contains fully integrated gate drivers for three external MOSFET half-bridges, an STM32F0 microcontroller (MCU), a 3.3 V DC/DC switching converter plus a 12 V LDO.

NB-IoT modules selected for smart street lighting system

12 September, 2017

u-blox has announced that its SARA-N2 series of modules are being used in a NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT) connected smart street lighting control system from Romanian start-up company Flashnet.

Thorlabs MTD1020T OEM temperature controller

07 September, 2017

Thorlabs has announced the release of an OEM-grade TEC driver for stable temperature control, the MTD1020T. The completely integrated digital temperature controller module can provide output currents up to ±2A and support a maximum TEC compliance voltage of 10 V.

Alta Data Technologies XMC-1553 interface card

22 August, 2017

Alta Data Technologies has released a high-density (up to 10 channels) XMC MIL-STD-1553 interface card — the XMC-1553. The product offers what is claimed to be the highest 1553 channel count in the industry with a PCI Express 2.1 backplane.

WAGO PFC100/200 Controllers

14 August, 2017

WAGO's Linux-based PFC100/200 Controllers record all relevant and sensitive measurement and control data, encrypt the data directly in the control system using SSL/TLS 1.2 encryption and transmit the data via VPN.

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