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Signal conversion will enable 6G networks

15 August, 2019

Scientists have used ultrarapid electro-optical modulators to convert terahertz data signals into optical signals, in an effort to prepare for the next generation of wireless data transmission.

Red Lion signal conditioners

09 August, 2019

Red Lion's range of signal conditioners is designed to boost signal strength while allowing for longer cable runs through industrial environments.

STMicroelectronics VIPer26K high-voltage converter

30 July, 2019

The STMicroelectronics VIPer26K high-voltage converter integrates a 1050 V avalanche-rugged N-channel power MOSFET that enables offline power supplies to combine a wide input-voltage range with the advantages of a simplified design.

ICP DAS ECAT-2611 EtherCAT slave to Modbus RTU gateway

12 June, 2019

ICP DAS's ECAT-2611 EtherCAT slave to Modbus RTU gateway is useful for the transfer of data between networks. The protocol converter allows users to seamlessly interconnect devices between EtherCAT and Modbus RTU networks.

Schmidt Electronics Ethernet Media Converters

05 June, 2019

Schmidt Electronics Ethernet Media Converters are designed for operation in harsh industrial or outdoor environments. Housed in small rugged multipurpose enclosures that can be DIN-rail or wall-mounted, the converters are suitable for IP surveillance, traffic monitoring and security applications in space-constrained critical environments.

ICP DAS I-7565M-HS USB-to-CAN converter

28 May, 2019

The I-7565M-HS, from ICP DAS, is a high-speed USB-to-CAN converter with two CAN channels. Providing fast CAN bus communication performance, it supports the CAN2.0A/2.0B protocol and different baud rates ranging from 5 to 1000 Kbps.

Vicor BCM4414 800 V bus converter module

20 May, 2019

The 800 V BCM4414, from Vicor, is a 1.6 kW, isolated, 1/16 fixed-ratio, bus converter module (BCM) that can operate from a 500 to 800 V input voltage, to deliver SELV output voltages with 97% peak efficiency.

Analog Devices AD738x SAR ADCs

12 April, 2019

The pin-compatible, 16-bit AD7380 and 14-bit AD7381 ADCs feature throughput rates of 4 MSa/s and a tiny 3 x 3 mm LFCSP package.

ICP DAS ECAT-2610 EtherCAT to Modbus RTU gateway

18 October, 2018

The ICP DAS ECAT-2610 is an EtherCAT to Modbus RTU gateway. Serial RS232/422/485-based industrial devices and equipment can be integrated into an EtherCAT-based control system without the need for any changes to the device.

STMicroelectronics VIPer11 offline converters

22 June, 2018

The VIPer11 offline converter with embedded 800 V avalanche-rugged MOSFET enables equipment makers to design tough auxiliary power supplies and power adapters.

Analog Devices ADMV10x Converters

12 June, 2018

Analog Devices' ADMV10x Converters use I/Q mixer topology to reduce the need for unwanted sideband filtering. The series consists of the ADMV1009, the ADMV1010, the ADMV1011 and the ADMV1012.

Maxim MAX20073 and MAX20074 compact synchronous buck converters

29 May, 2018

The pin-compatible MAX20073 and MAX20074 buck converters, from Maxim Integrated Products, offer low EMI performance for low-voltage point-of-load applications and are suitable for automotive infotainment and ADAS.

Alta Data Technologies eNetX-MA4 Ethernet bridge converter

29 March, 2018

Alta Data's eNetX-MA4 is an innovative product for 'remoting' 1553 and ARINC-429/717 operations on 10/100/1000 Ethernet local area networks (LANs).

Advantech EKI-1221IEIMB and EKI-1221IPNMB Protocol Gateway Series

01 September, 2017

Advantech extends its protocol gateway product line with the introduction of the EKI-1221IEIMB and EKI-1221PNMB Protocol Gateway Series for protocol conversion.

Multitech MultiConnect AEW MT200A2EW-H5-WW PSTN to 3G modem/Ethernet converter

07 March, 2017

The MultiConnect AEW analog-to-Ethernet/wireless converter is a convenient turnkey solution that allows legacy equipment with built-in analog modems to connect to the cellular packet data network.

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