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DC2412-151 switchmode converter

28 July, 2009

Imark Communications has released the DC2412-151 DC-DC converter for industrial applications where it is necessary to have the 24 VDC input fully isolated from the 13.8 VDC output.

Input power monitor

17 June, 2009 by

International Rectifier has introduced the IR3725 input power monitor IC with digital I2C interface for low-voltage DC/DC converters used in CPU, server and storage applications.

Rectifier IC

17 June, 2009 by

International Rectifier has expanded its family of SmartRectifier ICs with the introduction of the IR1168 for AC-DC power converters for high-end LCD TVs.

NTF series DC/DC converters

17 June, 2009

NTF series 1 W surface-mount isolated DC/DC converters from Murata are integrated, IC-style true surface-mount packages. The wide input range devices are suitable for battery-powered products plus a wide range of other applications, especially those where high volume is expected.

UE130 DC/DC converters

17 June, 2009

UE130 isolated wide-range DC/DC converters from Murata deliver a full 30 W output power from a board area of just 7 cm2. Designed for PCB mounting, the modules deliver DC regulated power and are for use in both battery- and mains-powered equipment in applications requiring wide input voltage, such as small instruments, computer-based systems, datacoms equipment, remote sensor systems and vehicle electronics.

Buck-boost converter

01 June, 2009 by

A buck-boost converter, the AS1331, that provides continuous transitions between buck and boost mode making it suitable for dual- or triple-cell alkaline/Ni-Cad/NiMH as well as single-cell Li-Ion battery applications, has been introduced by austriamicrosystems.

Bus converter

01 June, 2009 by

Powerbox has released Vicor’s VI Brick BCM bus converter, a member of the VI Brick family that provides a modular power platform for power solutions.

Media converter

01 June, 2009 by

GE Digital Energy has announced the Multilin MultiNet4, a media converter that offers four independently configurable serial ports and an integrated, fully managed four-port ethernet switch.

AC-DC converter

01 June, 2009 by

The LD10 series 10 W, AC-DC converters have wide input voltage, DC and AC all in one, high efficiency, high reliability, low loss and safety isolation.

Quarter brick converter

01 June, 2009 by

The HPQ series from Murata is an ultra-high-power quarter brick, isolated DC/DC converter.

Okami range DC/DC converters

01 June, 2009

Murata has launched the second phase of its Okami range of non-isolated single point-of-load DC/DC converters.

150 V input series DC-DC converters

01 June, 2009

Powerbox has released Vicor’s input series for the maxi, mini, micro series of DC-DC converters.

Dual ADC drivers

27 April, 2009 by

Linear has announced the LTC6420-20 and LTC6421-20, claimed to be the first high-speed dual differential ADC drivers with guaranteed gain matching and noise and distortion performance.

HPH series DC/DC converters

27 April, 2009

Murata has released two ranges of single output, half-brick, isolated DC/DC converters.


27 April, 2009 by

Linear Technology has introduced the LTC2366, a 12-bit successive approximation register (SAR) ADC that outputs data at up to 3 Msps in six- and eight-lead TSOT-23 packages.

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