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Laser diode designed to emit deep UV light

03 February, 2020

The laser diode is claimed to emit the world's shortest lasing wavelength, at 271.8 nm, under pulsed electric current injection at room temperature.

Highly sensitive diode converts microwaves to electricity

09 October, 2019

Researchers have developed a highly sensitive rectifying element in the form of a nanowire backward diode, which can convert low-power microwaves into electricity.

Würth Elektronik WE-TVS diodes

23 October, 2018

The WE-TVS diodes are characterised by their short response time and a low terminal voltage, and feature a high ESD dielectric strength with a contact discharge of up to ±30 kV.

Transparent conductive films: a step behind the technology curve?

15 October, 2018 by Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, Research Director

ITO alternatives (TCFs) are no longer a young technology — so why has the commercialisation process been prolonged for so long?

MACOM MADP-009989 MRI protection diode

14 August, 2018

The MADP-009989 diode from MACOM Technology Solutions was designed to protect MRI receivers from high RF energy fields, including long RF pulses and RF spike pulses present in most MRI machines.

'Honeycomb' lattice could increase battery life 100-fold

25 May, 2018

A new magnetic material addresses two of the chief complaints surrounding battery-operated electronics: short battery life and too much heat generation.

Hioki FT4310 bypass diode tester for PV panels

21 August, 2017

The Hioki FT4310 bypass diode tester can be used safely in broad daylight, detecting open and short-circuited bypass diodes, as well as measuring cell string losses.

STMicroelectronics ESDZL5-1F4 and ESDZV5-1BF4 ESD-clamping diodes

20 July, 2017

The latest miniature (size 0201) single-line ESD-protection diodes from STMicroelectronics quickly clamp transients to a voltage as low as 7 V, and handle 7 A peak pulse current, to provide good protection and design flexibility for space-constrained smart objects.

STMicroelectronics 1200 V silicon-carbide diodes

22 May, 2017

A full range of 2–40 A 1200 V silicon-carbide (SiC) JBS (junction barrier Schottky) diodes from STMicroelectronics enables a range of applications to benefit from the high switching efficiency, fast recovery and consistent temperature characteristics of SiC technology.

Single-molecule diode created

19 April, 2017

Australian and Spanish researchers have made a significant breakthrough in the quest to create smaller everyday electronic devices.

Renesas NX6375AA Series semiconductor laser diodes

05 March, 2017

The Renesas NX6375AA Series semiconductor laser diodes contribute to stable operation in high-speed communication and high-temperature environments.

Toshiba low-capacitance TVS diodes

20 January, 2017

The Toshiba low-capacitance TVS diodes can be used in high-speed interfaces in mobile devices, including smartphones, tablet PCs and wearable devices.

LEDs and diode lasers on display

30 September, 2016

Germany's Ferdinand-Braun-Institut (FBH) has announced novel developments and advancements in its diode lasers and UV light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

The world's smallest diode

12 April, 2016

US and Israeli researchers have created and characterised the world's smallest diode — one molecule small, to be precise.

Vishay Intertechnology VTVSxxASMF TVS protection diodes

05 February, 2016

Vishay Intertechnology has announced a series of surface-mount transient voltage suppressor (TVS) protection diodes featuring a 2% breakdown voltage tolerance. Offered in the low-profile SMF package, the VTVSxxASMF series provides a high surge capability of 400 W at 10/1000 μs for portable electronics.

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