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How smartphones and self-driving cars see the world

13 August, 2019 by Dr Nilushi Wijeyasinghe, Technology Analyst

Tiny infrared lasers offer 3D sensing functionality for consumer electronics like smartphones and robots like self-driving cars.

Direct diode lasers opening new markets

25 July, 2019 by Dr Nilushi Wijeyasinghe, Technology Analyst

Technology consulting firm IDTechEx demonstrates how advances in semiconductor laser technology enable novel applications in laser material processing and industrial manufacturing.

Suba Engineering laser marking technology

04 July, 2019

Suba Engineering's 20 W fibre laser marker is made to fit onto a conveyor, and is a smart way to process parts that need identification.

Superfast, low-energy computing using light pulses

22 May, 2019

Scientists have created superfast data processing using light pulses instead of electricity, using the power of magnets to record computer data.

Teledyne DALSA Z-Trak LP1 3D laser profilers

20 March, 2019

Teledyne DALSA has introduced the Z-Trak LP1 series of 3D laser profilers for industrial imaging and factory automation. The profilers deliver precise height measurements in an ergonomically designed compact unit, with a powerful FIR-peak detector.

LAP DTEC-PRO camera system

06 March, 2019

The modular DTEC-PRO camera system, from LAP, is designed to make laser-based composite manufacture in the aviation, automotive and other industries fast, safe and flexible.

Atmospheric research conducted with LiDAR

08 February, 2019

Atmospheric research uses pulsed laser beams to measure temperature and wind speed by measuring the Doppler shifted and backscattered light at 100 km height in the atmosphere.

Thorlabs SL131090 and SL132120 MEMS-VCSEL Swept-Wavelength laser sources

22 August, 2018

The SL131090 and SL132120 MEMS-VCSEL Swept-Wavelength laser sources feature a coherence length of over 100 mm and sweep rates of either 100 or 200 kHz.

Silicon laser uses sound waves to amplify light

27 June, 2018

Rapid growth in silicon photonic technologies has created a need for new silicon lasers to power integrated circuits — a problem that has been historically difficult due to silicon's indirect bandgap.

Flexible films provide laser vision

04 May, 2018

Ocular lasers, or lasers on the eyes, may now be possible thanks to the development of an ultrathin membrane laser using organic semiconductors.

Lasers made of quantum dots could work with silicon

06 April, 2018

US researchers are looking to break the 'silicon bottleneck' that occurs when the signal from fibre-optic cables arrives at data centres.

Graphene on toast: edible electronics are not far away

08 March, 2018

Scientists have developed a way to write graphene patterns onto virtually any surface — including food.

Amplifying light with designer quantum dots

23 November, 2017

US scientists have successfully amplified light using electrically excited films of chemically synthesised semiconductor nanocrystals, known as quantum dots.

Metal-silicone microstructures could enable new optical devices

06 November, 2017

Japanese and German researchers have used a single-step, laser-based method to produce small, precise hybrid microstructures of silver and flexible silicone. Their technology could one day enable smart factories that use a single production line to mass-produce customised devices combining soft materials with hard materials.

Doctored quantum dots release laser light more efficiently

25 October, 2017

US researchers have created tiny semiconductor particles, called quantum dots, into which they can add extra electrons — a treatment that nudges the dots ever closer to producing the desired laser light with less stimulation and energy loss.

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