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Flexible and green electronics made from silk

22 August, 2019

Danish researchers are developing a new class of flexible, eco-friendly thin-film electronics, which they call 'fleco-ionics'.

Graphene-based thin film absorbs solar energy

27 March, 2019

Australian researchers have collaborated to develop a solar-absorbing, ultrathin film that has great potential for use in solar thermal energy harvesting.

Superconductivity discovered in thin films of titanium oxide

06 October, 2017

Japanese researchers have discovered superconductivity in thin films of titanium oxide (Ti4O7) and gamma-phase trititanium pentoxide (γ-Ti3O5), in a breakthrough that could one day be used to develop ultrafast computers.

Transparent thin films with high conductivity

09 May, 2017

US researchers have discovered a nanoscale-thin film material with what is said to be the highest ever conductivity in its class, in a breakthrough which could lead to smaller, faster and more powerful electronics.

Carbon nanotubes strengthen flexible electronics

24 April, 2017

US researchers have synthesised thin carbon nanotube (CNT) textiles that exhibit both high electrical conductivity and a level of toughness that is about 50 times higher than the copper films currently used in electronics.

Ultrathin silver films for tarnish-proof touch screens

28 March, 2017

The thinnest, smoothest layer of silver that can survive air exposure has been developed by a research team led by the University of Michigan — and it could change the way touch screens and flat or flexible displays are made.

A ferroelectric material for miniaturised devices

17 October, 2016

Japanese scientists have demonstrated the potential of a new, thin-film ferroelectric material that could improve the performance of next-generation sensors and semiconductors.

New discovery challenges understanding of ferroelectric materials

17 June, 2016

A new discovery has turned previously accepted knowledge about ferroelectric materials on its head. Northwestern University researchers have found that a unique class of ferroelectric oxides responds in an unexpected way to stress.

World-leading thin-film solar cells are cheap, easy to make and non-toxic

29 April, 2016

A UNSW research team has achieved the world's highest efficiency for a full-sized thin-film solar cell using a competing thin-film technology known as CZTS.

Thin-film diamonds for future electronics

01 July, 2013

A team of researchers has developed a new method for creating thin films of boron-doped diamond at temperatures low enough to coat electronic devices.

Thin film coating group forms international alliance

14 January, 2013

The University of South Australia’s Thin Film Coatings Group has entered into a strategic alliance with Swedish research and development company Arubedo AB to bring new electronic products to market.

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