Harwin S0911-46R and S0921-46R EMI/RFI shield clips

17 May, 2019 | Supplied by: Clarke & Severn Electronics

Covering a surface area of 2.3 x 1.2 and with 2 mm height, Harwin's S0911-46R shield can clip is designed to address the demands being set by the latest generation of high-density electronic systems.

Getting the best performance from resin encapsulants

01 May, 2019 | Supplied by: Electrolube

In this article on resin potting and encapsulation, resins expert Alistair Little expands on a Q&A guide format with some advice on selection and application.

The positive outcomes of antistatic flooring

08 April, 2019 | Supplied by: Flowcrete Australia

State-of-the-art technology can achieve incredible things — but only if each and every delicate component and piece of equipment is protected from a wide range of issues.

Dow DOWSIL EI-2888 Primerless Silicone Encapsulant

05 April, 2019 | Supplied by: Dow Chemicals Australia Ltd

The DOWSIL EI-2888 Primerless Silicone Encapsulant, from Dow, is an optically clear silicone for professional LED lighting that cures at room temperature.

Polyurethane encapsulants — enhanced protection for LEDs in challenging environments

01 April, 2019 | Supplied by: Electrolube

The use of an encapsulation resin to protect LEDs has become increasingly common over the past few years.

DuPont Zytel HTNFR42G30NH polyamide resin

07 February, 2019 | Supplied by: DuPont (Aust) Limited

DuPont Transportation & Advanced Polymers has available the DuPont Zytel HTNFR42G30NH — a non-halogenated, flame-retardant, high-performance, bio-based PPA for SMT (surface mount technology) connectors and a broad range of electrical components.

Electrolube ER2224 thermally conductive encapsulation resin

01 February, 2019 | Supplied by: Electrolube

The ER2224 epoxy potting compound is a highly thermally conductive resin (1 W/m•K) that also offers strong thermal cycling properties.

EXAIR Gen4 Super Ion Air Wipe

17 January, 2019 | Supplied by: Compressed Air Australia Pty Ltd

EXAIR's Gen4 Super Ion Air Wipe provides a uniform, 360° ionised airstream that clamps around a continuously moving part to eliminate static electricity and contaminants. It is suitable for removing dust, particulates and personnel shocks on pipe, cable, extruded shapes, hose, wire and more.

EXAIR Gen4 Ionizing Bar

27 November, 2018 | Supplied by: Compressed Air Australia Pty Ltd

EXAIR's Gen4 Ionizing Bar eliminates static on plastics, webs, sheet stock and other product surfaces where tearing, jamming or hazardous shocks are a problem.

Coilcraft 1812CAN Series common-mode chokes

12 November, 2018 | Supplied by: TRI Components Pty Ltd

Coilcraft's 1812CAN Series common-mode chokes provide noise suppression on CAN (1 Mbps) or CAN FD (5 Mbps) data lines in automotive and industrial automation applications.

Intelligent power box slims down cable harnesses

09 November, 2018 | Supplied by: Wurth Electronics Australia Pty

For the past three years, special vehicles manufacturer Dieci has implemented the REDline Power Box Hybrid as a combined high-current fuse box, electrical distribution box and CAN bus splitter.

How to 'design out' production problems

08 November, 2018 | Supplied by: Electrolube

Electrolube's Phil Kinner provides some design pointers that will help you avoid some common pitfalls when applying conformal coatings.

The powerful impact of protecting LED lighting applications

02 November, 2018 | Supplied by: Electrolube

Modern protective compounds and thermal management materials are prolonging the life of LED lighting units exposed to challenging environments.

Würth Elektronik eiSos WE-SHC ShielDIY Do It Yourself Custom Shielding Cabinet

05 October, 2018 | Supplied by: Wurth Electronics Australia Pty

The ShielDIY Do It Yourself Custom Shielding Cabinet is a 0.2 mm thick metal sheet with pre-embossed fold lines at 5 mm intervals.

LeaderTech Tech Clip kit

01 October, 2018 | Supplied by: TRI Components Pty Ltd

The do-it-yourself Tech Clip kit contains everything a design engineer needs to create and assemble a high-performance PCB shield prototype without special tools or experience.

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