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Fujikura FSM70S+ Core Alignment Fusion Splicer and Cleaver

01 September, 2019

The Fujikura FSM70S+ Core Alignment Fusion Splicer and Cleaver is suitable for various splicing needs, including applications with typical splice losses of 0.02 dB and 0.01 dB on single and multimode fibres respectively.

Fluke DSX-5000 + Optifiber Pro Q + CFP Q

03 July, 2019

The Fluke DSX-5000QOi contains the DSX-5000 copper analyser, CertiFiber Pro OLTS quad wavelength, Optifiber Pro OTDR quad wavelength and a USB fibre inspection probe.

JDSU OLP-87 PRO SmartClass Fibre PON Power Meter and Microscope

29 April, 2019

The JDSU OLP-87 PRO is designed for the qualification, activation and troubleshooting of B-PON, E-PON, G-PON, XG-PON and 10G-EPON networks.

Fluke CertiFiber Pro SM optical loss test set

28 January, 2019

The Fluke singlemode (CFP-SM) OLTS modules for the DSX-5000 measure fibre-optic attenuation, length and propagation delay.

Fujikura FSM-70S Core Alignment Fusion Splicer

12 July, 2018

The Fujikura FSM70S is suitable for single-fibre, core alignment fusion splicing and comes in a transit case with a CT30A cleaver and work table.

Fluke FTK1000 Multimode Fibre Optic Light Source

01 July, 2018

The FTK1000 Multimode Fibre Optic Light Source, used in conjunction with the SimpliFiber Pro power meter, effectively measures power and loss across fibre-optic networks.

Fluke Networks FI-1000 FiberInspector Kit

19 June, 2018

The Fluke Networks FI-1000 enables the user to quickly inspect and certify fibre end-faces inside ports or patch cords.

FITEL S179 core alignment fusion splicer and cleaver

25 April, 2018

The FITEL S179 is a handheld, high-performance core alignment fusion splicer that delivers rapid splicing (6 s) and heating (9 s) with consistent results.

Fluke Optifiber Pro Quad OTDR

21 March, 2018

The Fluke Optifiber Pro Quad is an optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) designed for testing, troubleshooting and certifying multi- and single-mode fibre-optic networks.

Fluke CertiFiber Pro MM-SM Optical Loss Test Set

20 February, 2018

The Fluke multimode and singlemode (Certifiber Pro Q) OLTS modules for a DSX-5000 (Versiv) measure fibre-optic attenuation, length and propagation delay.

Fluke Networks Accelerator cabling certification and testing products

13 May, 2014

Fluke Networks has unveiled three additions to its family of cabling certification and testing solutions for the data communications and cabling market. The Accelerator solutions speed-up fibre test, inspection and certification within data centre, datacom installation and large enterprise operations.

GWInstek GPT-9904, GPT-9903, GPT-9902A and GPT-9901A testers

22 July, 2013

GWInstek has launched a safety tester family, the GPT-9900 series, with 500 VA maximum output capacity. The family of four testers, GPT-9904, GPT-9903, GPT-9902A and GPT-9901A, carries 200 VA output capacity.

EA Technology CableData Collector

17 July, 2013

The CableData Collector, from EA Technology, is an instrument for identifying defects in live distribution voltage cables.The instrument works by testing for small discharges which result in damage to the cable, and if left unattended will lead to insulation failure.

Fluke FTK1000 multimode fibre-optic light source

26 July, 2012

The FTK1000 multimode fibre optic light source, combined with the SimpliFiber Pro power meter, measures power and loss across a fibre optic network using the dual-wavelength testing feature.

Fluke Networks Fiber QuickMap fibre troubleshooter

11 August, 2011 by

Fiber QuickMap is a troubleshooter for enterprise network technicians that provides immediate visibility into the most common causes of failure and poor performance in data centre networks, including high-loss events like breaks in multimode fibre.

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