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Agilent X series signal analyser

15 February, 2011 by

Agilent has released new options for the X-series of signal analysers designed to deliver wider bandwidth, faster measurement speed and more measurement capabilities.

Rohde & Schwarz ZVH cable and antenna analyser

14 January, 2011 by

The ZVH cable and antenna analyser is rugged and designed for use in the field. Its low weight and simple operation make it suitable for anyone who needs a measuring instrument outdoors for the installation and maintenance of antenna systems.

Agilent Technologies M9392A PXI vector signal analyser

14 October, 2010 by

Agilent Technologies has expanded its test and measurement portfolio into the modular domain with the introduction of new PXI and AXIe products.

Anritsu MS202x/3xC VNA Master handheld vector network analyser series

11 October, 2010

The MS202x/3xC VNA Master series of handheld vector network analysers has a frequency range of 5 kHz to 20 GHz, fast sweep times, waveguide support and time domain capabilities.

Agilent N9342C handheld spectrum analyser

13 August, 2010

The N9342C handheld spectrum analyser (HSA) is suitable for performing installation, maintenance and surveillance of RF systems in the field.

Agilent Technologies N9000A CXA signal analysers

19 January, 2010 by

A pair of low-cost signal analysers that have a frequency coverage of up to 9.5 GHz has been released by Agilent. With a variety of built-in and optional measurement capabilities for today’s and future needs, the instruments are targeted at R&R and RF education.

Agilent Technologies N9030A PXA signal analyser

19 January, 2010 by

Agilent has released the N9030A PXA signal analyser, the highest performance member of the X-series, with a frequency coverage to 26.5 GHz.

Probing for accurate baseband I/Q measurements

02 December, 2009

In modern digital communications systems the information content is typically created digitally and then used to modulate an RF signal. It is useful to evaluate the modulation, both before and after upconversion to diagnose any impairments in the conversion process.

Wireless analysers

16 September, 2009 by

Anritsu has introduced the ‘E’ platform for its family of handheld analysers that features integrated functionality in a robust, lightweight and field-proven design.

Base station analyser

16 September, 2009 by

Anritsu has introduced the BTS Master MT8221B, a handheld base station analyser that has been specifically developed to support 4G standards as well as installed 2G/3G networks.

Field tester

16 September, 2009 by

TechRentals has introduced the JDSU smart class E1 datacoms into its rental fleet.

Handheld RF analyser

01 January, 2009

Agilent has introduced the FieldFox handheld RF analyser, claimed to be the world’s most integrated handheld instrument for wireless network installation and maintenance.

Peak power meters

01 January, 2009

Anritsu has introduced the ML2480B series wideband peak power meters that combine 20 MHz bandwidth and 64 MS/s sampling rate that allow the instruments to conduct accurate peak power measurements on next-generation wireless and military communications signals.

Rohde&Schwarz FSV signal analyser

07 September, 2008

The R&S FSV is the fastest and most versatile signal analyser available for performance-oriented, cost-conscious users working in the development, production, installation and servicing of RF systems, according to Rohde&Schwarz.

Signal analyser

10 August, 2008

The R&S FSV is a fast and versatile signal analyser suitable for performance-oriented, cost-conscious users working in the development, production, installation and servicing of RF systems.

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