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The ElectronicsOnline Resource Library contains white papers, eBooks, webcasts, videos and technical papers to help you manage and solve work related problems. Select from a variety of application and technology related subjects, supplied by market-leading vendors or written by our editorial team.

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Factorised Power Architecture — achieving high density and efficiency in board-mounted power

Supplied by Vicor Corporation on 21 October, 2019

Solving today's high-current and high-density point-of-load (PoL) problems requires a different approach. Learn why factorized power architecture is your solution.

Advanced bidirectional DC-DC converter maximises your power

Supplied by Vicor Corporation on 21 October, 2019

Learn how to reach a higher power level and solve your voltage spike issues.

How to build a smarter ultra-wide DC-DC converter

Supplied by Vicor Corporation on 25 March, 2019

Learn how to design an ultra-wide DC-DC converter using multiple parts and maximise your efficiency and power density.

Advanced guide to bidirectional DC–DC converter systems

Supplied by Vicor Corporation on 05 November, 2018

Employing bidirectional power flow and sine amplitude converter technology, you achieve cost-effective and scalable power architecture to make your products smaller, less complex and competitive in today’s markets.

How to rapidly build cellular IoT applications

Supplied by Renesas Electronics on 05 November, 2018

Learn how to rapidly evaluate emerging cellular technologies and develop embedded IoT devices.

How to fast-track your product development lifecycle

Supplied by National Instruments Aust Pty Ltd on 05 November, 2018

Learn about a new unified test architecture that accelerates the designing and testing of advanced electromechanical vehicle systems.

The latest innovations in service robotics — an eBook

Supplied by Mouser Electronics on 15 August, 2018

In this eBook, explore leading-edge service robots that provide an extraordinary experience in efficiency and comfort.

Fast startup solutions for sensorless motors

Supplied by Renesas Electronics on 15 August, 2018

Learn how to solve various problems that tend to occur with sensorless motors, making it possible to realise a highly efficient system with smooth and fast high-torque startup.

Your complete guide to building a test system

Supplied by National Instruments Australia Pty Ltd on 13 July, 2018

Ensure that you have the fundamentals to build a smarter test system that can address your needs today and in the future.

Your essential guide to thermal paste application

Supplied by Semikron Pty Ltd on 09 July, 2018

This extensive paper describes the application of thermal paste (grease) as a thermal interface material between power semiconductor modules and heatsinks.

How 3D printable electronics can cut your costs

Supplied by Select3D on 18 May, 2018

3D printing is opening the door to new levels of efficiency and innovation in prototypes, low-volume productions and replacement parts.

Test engineering insights from aerospace and defence

Supplied by National Instruments Australia Pty Ltd on 01 May, 2018

You are evaluated on your ability to manage cost and risk, whether you’re working on your next program bid or serving as a portfolio manager for software engineers to support legacy testers.

Augmented reality now solving real-life problems — an eBook

Supplied by Mouser Electronics on 01 May, 2018

Imagine being able to see inside a patient rather than viewing scans or X-rays. Imagine being able to see what maintenance and repairs are needed on a piece of machinery just by looking at it. AR prototypes are in development in a number of industries to solve such problems.

How to design rapid-start power applications that never fail

Supplied by Vicor Corporation on 01 May, 2018

Learn how to design an isolated power system that can start up within 10 ms of application of input power source every time.

A design engineer’s guide to LED protection

Supplied by Electrolube on 17 April, 2018

The LED market is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the electronics industry. Due to the design freedom that LEDs offer, applications are becoming more diverse and challenging. Aesthetic results must be achieved in conjunction with consideration of reliability and lifetime of the product.

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