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Manipulating laser light with perovskites

10 March, 2020

Researchers have used inexpensive crystals, known as perovskites, to make Faraday rotators. These manipulate light in a range of devices by altering its polarisation.

Development of a GaN crystal manufacturing device

23 January, 2020

Japanese researchers have announced the successful development of a high-quality bulk gallium nitride (GaN) growth device.

Detecting carbon impurities in GaN crystals using light

13 December, 2019

Carbon impurity has long hindered efficiency in nitride-based electronic and optical devices, but now researchers have discovered a method that can quickly detect carbon impurity using light.

Quantifying crystal semiconductor efficiency

06 September, 2019

Scientists have found a new way to detect the efficiency of crystal semiconductors, using a kind of photoluminescence spectroscopy to characterise the semiconductors.

Crystals generated for perovskite solar cells

19 July, 2019

Researchers claim to have synthetically generated homogeneous and defect-free crystals, which could be used to fast-track the commercialisation of perovskite solar cells.

Analysing semiconductor crystals with a sphere of light

19 June, 2019

The approach improves on current photoluminescence spectroscopy techniques and could lead to energy savings for mass producers, and thus consumers, of power devices.

Faster internet with optical frequency combs

24 April, 2019

New Zealand researchers have created a crystal-based device that could enable the next generation of faster, more energy-efficient internet.

Copper nanocrystals may enable smaller devices

14 September, 2018

A tiny electrical circuit — made from crystals of copper that are grown and electrically wired at nanoscale — may enable an entirely new design of digital devices.

Heat-conducting crystals could help computer chips stay cool

16 July, 2018

Crystals made of boron arsenide have excellent thermal properties that can effectively dissipate the heat generated in electronic devices.

Physicists predict topological insulators with conducting edges

13 June, 2018

Higher-order topological insulators are crystalline solids with edges that conduct electric current while the rest of the crystal remains insulating.

Growing 2D crystals for future electronics

14 February, 2018

Growing high-quality, crystalline 2D materials at scale has proven a significant challenge for researchers — until now.

Jumping crystals could be exploited in electronics

22 January, 2018

Scientists at The University of Texas at Dallas have observed unusual behaviour in a sample of crystals, in a study published in the journal Chemical Communications.

Single-crystal diamond bonded to SiC at room temperature

15 December, 2017

Fujitsu has announced what is claimed to be the world's first technology for bonding single-crystal diamond to a silicon carbide substrate at room temperature.

Shine bright like a nanodiamond

02 November, 2017 by Lauren Davis

Macquarie University researchers have made a single tiny diamond shine brightly — a behaviour known as superradiance — at room temperature, paving the way for nanodiamonds to be used in navigation, biomedical imaging, solar cells and more.

Self-assembling crystals could lead to safer batteries

06 September, 2017

A Japanese researcher has identified new solid materials that could lead to the manufacture of non-toxic lithium-ion batteries.

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