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EXAIR No Drip Internal Mix Atomizing Nozzles

15 October, 2019

No Drip nozzles are suitable where no post-spray drip is permissible. When the compressed air supply is shut off the nozzle positively seals off the flow of liquid, eliminating the possibility of drips.

EXAIR 3/8″ Standard Air Wipe

19 August, 2019

EXAIR's 3/8″ Standard Air Wipe produces a 360° airstream that can blow off, dry, clean or cool the material passing through it.

Injectronics automotive electronics remanufacturing service

16 July, 2019

Customers in the automotive, heavy-duty, marine, mining, fleet management and construction industries rely on Injectronics to provide quality remanufactured spare parts in a timely manner.

LPMS low-pressure moulding equipment with safety features

12 July, 2019

LPMS low-pressure moulding production equipment has had a design upgrade, meaning improved safety logic and features.

Automation will assist labour, not replace it

04 July, 2019

Electronics design and manufacturing companies are set to update, improve and increase productivity through the use of automation. This automation is intended to assist, not replace.

LEACH electronic contract manufacturing

28 June, 2019

LEACH is devoted to turnkey solutions for electronic contract manufacturing.

NeoDen7 pick-and-place machine

24 June, 2019

The NeoDen7 features six simultaneous pick-up heads and has been designed for ease of use, efficiency and increased expandability and compatibility. Its feature set makes it suitable for low-volume assembly.

Würth Elektronik PowerBasket SMD plug-in power elements for SMT assembly

08 May, 2019

Würth Elektronik ICS has released its first plug-in power elements for SMT assembly, the PowerBasket SMD series. Products in the series are lead free and RoHS compliant, and can be processed on conventional SMT lines and soldered using a convection or vapour phase system.

Ultrafast 3D printer for high-performance plastics

18 March, 2019

The 3D printer takes only 18 min to produce a plastic component that is 30 cm high, making it suitable for the additive manufacture of large-volume plastic components.

Hanwha HM520 Modular Mounter

22 February, 2019

The Hanwha HM520 Modular Mounter configures a flexible production line by applying a modular head and various production modes.

EXAIR Soft Grip Back Blow Safety Air Gun

19 February, 2019

EXAIR's Soft Grip Back Blow Safety Air Gun uses a small back blow nozzle to deliver a blast of air to effectively blow debris and liquids from inside small pipe or hose diameters, channels, bores, holes, internal threads and other internal part features.

Fast 3D printing with liquid resin

21 January, 2019

A new approach to 3D printing, which involves lifting complex shapes from a vat of liquid resin, could run up to 100 times faster than conventional processes.

EXAIR 3/8″ Super Air Wipe

12 September, 2018

EXAIR's 3/8″ Super Air Wipe produces a 360° airstream that can blow off, dry, clean or cool the material passing through it. The split design can be clamped around continuously moving material such as wire, cable, pipe, hose and extruded shapes.

A history of industrial robots

01 September, 2018 by Alex Misiti for Mouser Electronics

Driven by advances in software, sensors and electronics, the market for industrial robots has greatly evolved over the past half century.

LPMS Alpha 100J – EMTT03 low-pressure overmoulding machine

03 July, 2018

Suitable for low- to medium-volume, high-mix manufacturing, the Alpha 100J – EMTT03 is a versatile low-pressure overmoulding solution. The 3 L tank coupled with the handheld dispensing head enables the user to encapsulate multiple products concurrently, enabling efficient workflow.

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