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HEMT named as an IEEE milestone

13 January, 2020

The high electron mobility transistor (HEMT), developed by Fujitsu Laboratories in 1979, has been certified as an IEEE milestone.

Semiconductor icon wins major industry award

27 November, 2019

Robert H Dennard, the inventor of DRAM, has been presented with the Robert N. Noyce Award in recognition of the breakthroughs he made in semiconductor technology.

2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded for Li-ion batteries

11 October, 2019

M Stanley Whittingham, John B Goodenough and Akira Yoshino will receive the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their development of lithium-ion batteries.

Awards announced for World Electronics Forum in Adelaide

01 October, 2019

Leaders from some of the world's largest electronics companies are heading to Adelaide in December for the World Electronics Forum (WEF2019).

Engineer awarded for teaching driverless cars to navigate

20 June, 2019

Professor Michael Milford's research looks at how the brain handles navigation and perception to see how they can be applied to all-weather, anytime positioning for autonomous vehicles.

Flexible hybrid electronics innovators awarded

11 March, 2019

The 2019 FLEXI Awards recognised outstanding accomplishments in the flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) industry over the past 12 months.

Leading AI researcher receives IEEE award

22 February, 2019

Dr Zbigniew Michalewicz, Chief Scientist of AI software company Complexica, has received the prestigious 2019 IEEE Pioneer Award for Evolutionary Computation Research.

Megadrone breaks record for lifting heaviest load

14 January, 2019

With the help of its 16 propellers, Forvola's megadrone lifted a box full of spare parts weighing 101 kg to a height of almost 1.5 m for more than one minute and three seconds.

2018 Electronic Industries Awards winners announced

15 November, 2018 by Lauren Davis

The 2018 Electronic Industries Awards were presented at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition), held from 13–16 October.

Tiny motor driver now in the world's top 10

22 October, 2018

The Top 10 Power Product Award, from and Electronic Products China, recognises what is believed to be the smallest 45 V motor driver in the world that can achieve a resolution of up to 256 microsteps.

Technology innovators take out PM's Prizes for Science

19 October, 2018

From precise navigation to faster internet and flexible crystals, this year's Prime Minister's Prizes for Science had a particular focus on technological innovations.

Competition: Can you design a drone with a sixth sense?

24 September, 2018

The Sixth Sense Design Challenge asks engineers to create a small remotely operated or autonomous vehicle with remote vehicle sensing and data collection capabilities.

EMC specialist Keith Armstrong wins IEEE award

20 September, 2018

Global electromagnetic compatibility specialist Keith Armstrong has become the first person to receive the IEEE's Excellence in Continuing EMC Education Award.

Electronic skin researcher awarded prestigious ASPIRE prize

21 August, 2018

Associate Professor Madhu Bhaskaran's work combining oxide, elastic and plastic materials at high temperatures has led to sensors that can be worn as electronic skin.

Electronic skin nominated for ASPIRE Prize

06 June, 2018

Madhu Bhaskaran has been chosen as Australia's nominee for the 2018 ASPIRE Prize for her work developing unbreakable and transparent electronic devices that monitor the environment and the human body.

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