Magnetism to increase computer memory

10 September, 2001 by

Magnetic materials, built up as multi-layered sandwiches with successive layers only a few atoms thick, are giving computers larger memories. By building up sandwiches of magnetic and non-magnetic materials one layer of atoms at a time, it is possible to manipulate, enhance and control the magnetic properties of such sandwiches with extraordinary precision.

Griffith University expands hard drive capacity

06 September, 2001 by

Computer hard drives look set to hold up to 1000 times more data, thanks to research at Griffith University using nanotechnology, the science of miniature machines.

HP to buy Compaq?

04 September, 2001 by

Is has been reported that Hewlett-Packard will buy Compaq for an estimated $47.5 billion. Both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal have reported the deal, citing people close to the negotiations, but both companies have declined comment. Compaq Australia said it could not confirm or deny the reports.

Power Supply Chip

14 August, 2001 by | Supplied by: Braemac Pty Ltd

Designed to simplify offline power supplies up to 15 W, the L6590 fully integrated power supply chip from STMicroelectronics integrates a 700 V power MOSFET switch, plus all the control circuits needed to build a converter using flyback, boost or forward topologies.

Fan Speed Controller

14 August, 2001 by | Supplied by: Soanar Limited

Linear Technology has introduced the LTC1840, a dual fan speed controller with a two-wire interface for network servers, desktop PCs or other high efficiency applications where a separate DC-DC converter drives each fan.

RF Reed Relay

10 July, 2001 by | Supplied by: C&K Components Plus

Crydom Magnetics has launched a reed relay range with improved RF performance.

Barrier Diode

10 July, 2001 by | Supplied by: Fairmont Marketing

Rohm has recently developed a Schottky barrier diode (RB063L-30) that has both a low VF (forward voltage) and low IR (reverse current).

Embedded Control System

10 July, 2001 by | Supplied by: Dominion Electronics

Dominion Electronics has announced the Smart Star series - a modular, expandable, embedded control system specifically designed for real-time control and data acquisition.

Memory card production begins

09 July, 2001 by

SanDisk and Toshiba America Components state that their FlashVision fabrication (fab)plant has gone into production of advanced flash memories.

Chip speed breakthrough

06 July, 2001 by

Simplex and Toshiba have announced a semiconductor architecture with the potential to deliver simultaneous improvements of 10+% greater chip performance, 20+% less power consumption and 30+% more chips per wafer.

Rittal and Phoenix relocation

05 July, 2001 by

Rittal and Phoenix Contact have relocated to new premises in the Adelaide suburb of Torrensville, offering a central location for transport and customer support.

Wafer level reliability testing of semiconductors

05 July, 2001 by | Supplied by:

As semiconductor devices shrink in size and become more complex, it has become necessary for fabricators (fabs) to use more parameters to monitor and control production processes

Crystal Resonator

14 June, 2001 by | Supplied by: Soanar Limited

SaRonix has released a NKS6 subminiature crystal resonator.

Low Power PLLs

14 June, 2001 by | Supplied by: Arrow Electronics Australia Pty Ltd

National Semiconductor has announced the LMX23xxU series of ultra low power dual phase locked loop frequency synthesisers, the latest addition to National's family of PLLatinum PLLs for wireless applications.

ICs help implement a trim-Free VCO (Part 2)

05 June, 2001 by | Supplied by:

A new family of integrated circuits can ease the task of developing compact, fixed-frequency, voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) for IF applications

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