Crystal growth yields more precise semiconductors

28 November, 2001

Traditionally, scientists grow quantities of single-crystalline semiconducting materials by immersing the tip of a pencil-shaped starter crystal in a melt of the same composition.

Chip sector begins to grow

22 November, 2001

Orders for semiconductor-manufacturing equipment rose in October 2001, according to data released by Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International.

Embedded Controllers

13 November, 2001 | Supplied by: National Instruments Aust Pty Ltd

National Instruments has announced what it claims is the fastest, highest-performance 3U embedded controllers available for PXI/CompactPCI - the NI 8171 series.

Bipolar Power Transistor

13 November, 2001 | Supplied by: Braemac Pty Ltd

STMicroelectronics has introduced the first in a family of high-gain bipolar power transistors that feature low saturation voltage, making it suitable for low-voltage switching applications.

Line Transformer

13 November, 2001 | Supplied by: IRH Components

IRH Components has released the ESMIT 100 double insulated encapsulated telecom line isolating transformer for surface mount.


13 November, 2001 | Supplied by: Soanar Limited

Ericsson Microelectronics has announced what it claims is the world's first single-chip low-power analogue front-end for ADSL/SHDSL transceiver solutions.

Move toward plastic chips

12 October, 2001

Teams of researchers are working to find a way to use organic polymers as material for microelectronic production.

Redfern Polymer Optics launches

25 September, 2001

Redfern Polymer Optics, a developer and manufacturer of polymer planar and fibre components and polymer optical fibers, has just announced its formal launch. The company has raised $7.5 million in seed funding, mainly from Redfern Photonics.

Semiconductor sales now down

20 September, 2001

Worldwide semiconductor sales may decrease 34% in 2001 after terrorist attacks stalled shipments last week and may hurt consumer purchases, market researcher IC Insights, said. This follows last weeks report that sales would increase in 2001.

Embedded Computers

11 September, 2001 | Supplied by: Backplane Systems Technology Pty Ltd

Backplane Systems has released its latest Microspace boards, the MSMP3SEN and MSMP3SEV, designed and manufactured by Digital-Logic AG.

Monolithic ICs

11 September, 2001 | Supplied by: Soanar Limited

A series of MOS monolithic integrated circuits (MOSMICs) that will allow designers to upgrade the performance of UHF and VHF tuners at no additional cost has been announced by Vishay Intertechnology. Serving as a low-noise RF input stage, the 'X' devices provide improved automatic gain control and cross modulation behaviour compared with previous-generation MOSMICs.

Vertical Mount Inductors

11 September, 2001 | Supplied by: Clarke & Severn Electronics

Gowanda Electronics has introduced a series of vertical surface mount toroidal inductors - SMRF 2007 - that optimises board space in RF applications.

Magnetism to increase computer memory

10 September, 2001

Magnetic materials, built up as multi-layered sandwiches with successive layers only a few atoms thick, are giving computers larger memories. By building up sandwiches of magnetic and non-magnetic materials one layer of atoms at a time, it is possible to manipulate, enhance and control the magnetic properties of such sandwiches with extraordinary precision.

Griffith University expands hard drive capacity

06 September, 2001

Computer hard drives look set to hold up to 1000 times more data, thanks to research at Griffith University using nanotechnology, the science of miniature machines.

HP to buy Compaq?

04 September, 2001

Is has been reported that Hewlett-Packard will buy Compaq for an estimated $47.5 billion. Both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal have reported the deal, citing people close to the negotiations, but both companies have declined comment. Compaq Australia said it could not confirm or deny the reports.

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