Diamond film boosts heat dissipation efficiency of GaN HEMTs

18 December, 2019 | Supplied by: Fujitsu Australia

The design is said to reduce the amount of heat generated by the devices during operations by 40%, leading to simplification of the cooling system.

Texas Instruments DACx0501 digital-to-analog converters

18 December, 2019 | Supplied by: Mouser Electronics

The DACx0501 digital-to-analog converters (DACs), from Texas Instruments, offer a wide power supply range from 2.7 to 5.5 V and include an integrated 2.5 V internal reference that delivers three full-scale buffered output voltage ranges.

2D dielectric inks for print-in-place electronics

17 December, 2019

Researchers have produced a two-dimensional hexagonal boron nitride ink, which has been used to fabricate flexible thin-film transistors.

Cryogenic chip could enable viable quantum computers

16 December, 2019 | Supplied by: Intel Australia Pty Ltd

Intel Labs has unveiled what is believed to be a first-of-its-kind cryogenic control chip, which should help speed up development of full-stack quantum computing systems.

Detecting carbon impurities in GaN crystals using light

13 December, 2019

Carbon impurity has long hindered efficiency in nitride-based electronic and optical devices, but now researchers have discovered a method that can quickly detect carbon impurity using light.

Neousys IGT-30 Series Industrial IoT gateway computer

12 December, 2019 | Supplied by: Backplane Systems Technology Pty Ltd

Neousys' IGT-30 Series, equipped with the AM3352 from Texas Instruments' Sitara AM335x family, is an ARM-based box PC designed for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) gateways and Industry 4.0 applications.

MORNSUN TE-T series signal conditioning modules

11 December, 2019 | Supplied by: DLPC Pty Ltd

MORNSUN has released the TE-T series of signal conditioning modules, designed for isolating and converting micro-signals correctly.

Quantum computers taught to mark their own work

09 December, 2019

By creating a protocol that allows a quantum computer to check its own answers to difficult problems, scientists have provided a means to confirm that the computer is working correctly.

Renesas Electronics RX23W 32-bit microcontroller

09 December, 2019 | Supplied by: Renesas Electronics

Renesas Electronics has introduced the RX23W — a 32-bit microcontroller (MCU) featuring Bluetooth 5.0 for IoT endpoint devices such as home appliances and healthcare equipment.

congatec conga-SMX8-Nano SMARC computer-on-module

09 December, 2019 | Supplied by: Congatec Australia Pty Ltd

The SMARC module is an application-ready subsystem that comes with a comprehensive ecosystem including ready-to-go boot loader implementation, pre-qualified Linux, Yocto and Android BSPs, and a fully featured evaluation carrier board.

Spin waves could stop devices from overheating

06 December, 2019

Researchers have found a way of using 'spin waves' to switch magnetisation at room temperature for more energy-efficient spin memory and logic devices.

Carbon nanotube tech exceeds 100 GHz in RF applications

05 December, 2019

The milestone is said to eclipse the performance — and efficiency — of the traditional RF-CMOS technology that is ubiquitous in modern consumer electronics, including mobile phones.

Remotely control devices with magnetic skin

05 December, 2019

Researchers have developed a novel magnetic skin that can remotely control switches and keyboards with the wave of a hand or the blink of an eye.

Energy-efficient memory device inspired by Li-ion batteries

04 December, 2019

Scientists have developed a three-valued memory device with extremely low energy consumption that may be key for the development of more energy-efficient and faster RAMs.

Archer assembles 'few-qubit array' for quantum chip

02 December, 2019

Archer Materials has assembled and patterned a nanometre-size array of several individual qubit material components of a prototype room-temperature operating quantum computing qubit processor.

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