Another twist in the field of superconductivity

24 March, 2004

Researchers at the US Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory have discovered an interesting type of electronic behaviour in a recently discovered class of superconductors known as cobalt oxides, or cobaltates. These materials operate quite differently from other oxide superconductors, namely the copper oxides (or cuprates), which are commonly referred to as high-temperature superconductors.

Superconductors at a stretch

19 March, 2004

Research from the National Institute of Standards and Technology suggests that next-generation, high-temperature superconductor wire can withstand more mechanical strain than originally thought.

Prolonging the life of silicon

05 March, 2004

Engineers at Ohio State University have looked at the interface between layers of silicon and other materials in electronic devices. What they have learned may help traditional microelectronics remain vital to industry longer than most experts expect

Technology beats transistor heat

05 March, 2004 | Supplied by: Intel Australia Pty Ltd

Intel has identified new materials to replace those that have been used to manufacture chips for more than 30 years. This is a significant accomplishment as the industry races to reduce electrical current leakage in transistors

Online electronics trading

28 January, 2004

RS Components has launched its Online Trading Platform localised for Australia and New Zealand. The Internet Trading Channel (ITC) is now live in Australia and New Zealand

NI acquires DSP software developer

19 January, 2004

National Instruments has acquired the Dallas, Texas-based software developer Hyperception, a designer of graphical development tools for digital signal processing (DSP).

Software helps with MATV technology

05 January, 2004

The ever-increasing demand for distribution of more channels is resulting in pushing the upper limits of coaxial cable usage to 1000 MHz

ASIC development company formed

20 November, 2003

Reptechnic and SMR Electronics have formed Reptechnic Design, a company that will provide application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) development services to Australian and global users.

Molecular electronic devices closer to reality

04 November, 2003

Researchers at Northwestern University, led by Mark Hersam, assistant professor of materials science and engineering, have become the first to measure a unique and versatile nanoelectric effect - called resonant tunnelling - through individual molecules mounted directly on silicon.

Illuminated knobs

11 August, 2003 | Supplied by: ERNTEC Pty Ltd

The illuminated control knob from Mentor makes it possible to see the exact setting of the knob, regardless of the ambient light.

Need for speed in semiconductors

30 July, 2003

A new type of standard to be issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) will help meet the need for speed in semiconductors.

Speeding up the manufacture of super small-scale devices

05 February, 2003

Building a computer chip is a painstaking process. Once a chip is designed, a mask, or template, is created and used to transfer the fine circuit patterns to the surface of a silicon wafer

Nano-competence for hard thin films

28 January, 2003

Major advances are still being made on magnetic disk drives despite competition from optical storage media like CD-ROM, DVD, semiconductor flash and smart cards.

Photochemically-etched anodes and cathodes for high volume applications

22 January, 2003

Photofabrication Engineering Inc (PEI) has a line of custom-made photochemically-etched anodes and cathodes for fuel cells, heat exchangers, oxygen and hydrogen generators. These products have applications in the aerospace, automotive , biotechnology, medical, appliances, power and electrical/electronic industries.

Research promises faster, cheaper microchips

21 January, 2003

The University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK has joined forces with Atmel to create 'strained silicon' microchips, which involves adding a material called germanium to the traditional silicon used in semiconductor manufacturing.

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