Performance enhanced in zinc-ion batteries

01 October, 2021

A new electrolyte and electrode combination improves several aspects of zinc-ion battery performance, particularly the stability over multiple charge and discharge cycles.

Harvesting energy from wooden floors

28 September, 2021

Researchers have created a nanogenerator that enables wooden flooring to generate energy from our footfalls — enough to power LED lightbulbs and small electronics.

Stretchable, sweat-powered battery developed for wearables

21 September, 2021

Scientists have developed a soft and stretchable battery, measuring 2 x 2 cm and as flat as a small paper bandage, that is powered by human perspiration.

Giving solar cells the flip

20 September, 2021

Flipping the structure of perovskite–silicon tandem solar cells can lead to dramatic gains in solar-cell performance.

A spoonful of sugar stabilises lithium–sulfur batteries

16 September, 2021

Researchers have successfully stabilised lithium–sulfur battery technology by using a glucose-based additive on the positive electrode.

'Charging room' powers devices without wires

14 September, 2021

Researchers have developed a system to safely deliver electricity over the air, potentially turning entire buildings into wireless charging zones.

Perovskite + silicon = better solar cell efficiency

08 September, 2021

Pairing metal halide perovskites with conventional silicon leads to a powerful solar cell that overcomes the 26% practical efficiency limit of using silicon cells alone.

Lithium-metal battery has high energy density, stability

06 September, 2021

The battery's nickel-rich cathode enables storage of high energy per unit mass, while the ionic liquid electrolyte ensures largely stable capacity over many cycles.

P-DUKE Technology HAE150U and HAE200U DC/DC power converters

01 September, 2021 | Supplied by: Helios Power Solutions

The HAE150U and HAE200U DC/DC power converters have an ultrawide input voltage range from 16 to 160 V and cover all the input power systems of railway applications.

Plugging the gaps to boost perovskite performance

27 August, 2021

A multifunctional molecule that plugs various atomic-scale defects in perovskite solar materials can significantly boost their longevity and electrical output.

Preventing energy loss in Li-ion batteries

26 August, 2021

Korean researchers have developed a solution to prevent the initial loss of lithium ions in supposedly fully charged batteries.

New salts for next-gen lithium-ion batteries

23 August, 2021

The lithium salt currently being used in lithium-ion batteries is lithium hexafluorophosphate, which poses a fire and safety hazard.

Scientists set world record with bifacial solar cells

19 August, 2021

Scientists have produced a more efficient type of solar cell that generates power on both the front and the back sides, setting a new world record in the process.

Battery electrodes inspired by bamboo

11 August, 2021

Inspired by a membrane inside bamboo, researchers are developing more efficient electrodes for batteries that could allow them to be recharged at a much faster rate.

Preventing oxygen release for safer batteries

22 July, 2021

Fresh insights about the release of oxygen in lithium-ion batteries should pave the way for more robust and safer high-energy-density batteries.

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