Researchers put a new spin on machine learning

10 January, 2024

Researchers have developed a probabilistic spintronic computer that fuses stochastic magnetic tunnel junctions with FPGAs, potentially enhancing ML algorithms.

A step towards more sustainable superconductors

22 December, 2023

Researchers have taken a step forward in superconductivity research by discovering a cause for the "strange" behaviour of cuprates.

New conductive cotton fibre blend for smart textiles

15 December, 2023

Researchers have developed a fibre offering the flexibility of cotton and the electric conductivity of a polymer, which could have applications in the smart textiles sector.

Impacts of 3D stacking photonic and electronic chips

13 December, 2023

Researchers have investigated how the thermal penalty of 3D integration can be minimised.

'Lego-like' photonic chip to transform semiconductor industry

07 December, 2023

Researchers from the University of Sydney have designed a silicon semiconductor chip that could have applications in advanced radar, satellites, wireless networks and 6G telecommunications.

'Doughnut' beams reveal secrets of tiny electronics

07 December, 2023 by University of Colorado Boulder

Researchers have harnessed doughnut-shaped beams of light to capture detailed images of minuscule objects that traditional microscopes struggle to visualise.

Miniaturised electromagnets made of ultra-thin carbon

06 December, 2023

Researchers have fired short terahertz pulses at micrometre-sized discs of graphene, briefly turning these minuscule objects into strong magnets.

Enhancing optoelectronic components with phosphorous

28 November, 2023

Researchers have developed a method that could enable the development of new materials with specific optoelectronic properties, for applications in organic semiconductor technologies.

Aussie research hub to boost 2D materials manufacturing

23 November, 2023

Monash University has opened a new research hub that will facilitate the research and commercialisation of 2D materials like graphene with a range of applications.

Increasing the lifespan of electronic devices

21 November, 2023

Researchers from Northwestern University and the University of Pittsburgh have received funding to extend hardware life and reduce waste and emissions from electronic devices.

Axiomtek AIE900A-AO edge AI computing system

15 November, 2023 | Supplied by: Tekdis

The AIE900A-AO edge AI computing system from Axiomtek is powered by the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin platform, which features an Arm Cortex-A78AE v8.2 64-bit CPU delivering up to 200 TOPS of AI performance.

On-chip superconductivity achieved with light manipulation

15 November, 2023

Researchers have achieved a significant development in the field of opto-electronics, showcasing the integration of a laser-induced superconductivity technique on a chip.

Robot performs autonomous experiments in the laboratory

09 November, 2023 by Elizabeth Bello, Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology

Researchers have developed a cost-friendly, customisable electrochemistry robot called the Electrolab to perform autonomous experiments in the laboratory.

EXAIR 1/8 NPT HollowStream Liquid Nozzle

09 November, 2023 | Supplied by: Compressed Air Australia Pty Ltd

The EXAIR 1/8 NPT HollowStream liquid atomising spray nozzle features a tangential flow design and is vaneless with open internal features to resist clogging.

New error compensation method for precise 3D printing

09 November, 2023

Researchers have developed a method to correct tilt and curvature errors when conducting two-photon polymerisation 3D printing.

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