Rework station

03 February, 2005 | Supplied by:

The Future module 202-15 is a soldering system that enables soldering and SMD rework within the one station. It is designed with an ergonomic grip with short-tip-to-hand distance giving pen-like fine control.

PCBs go down to the wire

30 January, 2005

The market demands ever greater miniaturisation in printed circuit boards - as well as an increasing use of flexible circuitry - so the need for improved methods of producing high-resolution PCBs is becoming more important.

Strain-relief bushing

17 January, 2005 | Supplied by:

The Double D does double duty. It securely holds electrical wire and cord sets, concurrently sealing the chassis openings.

FASTON receptacles boast insulation

12 October, 2004 | Supplied by:

Ultra-Fast .205 series fully insulated FASTON Receptacle is available in three configurations for .205 sized tabs. The product is fully insulated so it is not necessary to implement costly post-insulation processes. Ultra-Fast .205 series FASTON receptacles are used in dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers, refrigeration equipment, ranges, and other household appliances. Additionally, these quick connects are especially suitable for lawn and garden equipment, HVAC units, vending machines, various automotive applications and home entertainment systems.

Serial boards

12 October, 2004 | Supplied by:

National Instruments has announced eight RS232/485 serial interfaces that deliver features such as flexible baud rates up to 1 Mbps and universal PCI, hyperthreading and multiprocessor support.

Component identifier

07 September, 2004 | Supplied by:

The Atlas Component Analyser identifies bipolar and Darlington transistors, enhancement and depletion mode MOSFETs, JFETs, triacs, thyristors, LEDs, bicolour LEDs, diodes and diode networks.

Prototype PCB plotter

04 August, 2004 | Supplied by:

LPKF Laser & Electronics has released the ProtoMat H100 that allows reduction in the production time of prototype PCBs.

Heat sinks approved

31 July, 2004

Molex has received approval for its CoolFin heat sink from AMD for the next generation 64 bit processor, the Athlon 64.

Don't be afraid of lead-free soldering!

05 July, 2004 | Supplied by: Machinery Forum

On July 1, 2006 lead-free soldering finally becomes law for the manufacturers and suppliers of electronic components in Europe. Many small and medium sized companies but also large industrial producers feel left alone with the changes to come

Compact chassis

04 June, 2004 | Supplied by:

The JREX-CAGE1 is a compact chassis for Kontron's 3.5" embedded modules.

AMD approval for heat sink

01 June, 2004

Molex has receive approval for its CoolFin heat sink from AMD for the next generation 64 bit processor, the Athlon 64. As the result of meeting strict thermal resistance and other design requirements, Molex is one of a few vendors to receive AMD's approval on this new platform.

PC cabinets

12 May, 2004 | Supplied by:

Available in five sizes, with either transparent or grey covers, the Fibox Cab PC polycarbonate range features 3 mm double bit key lock and a high IP65 rating.

MB800H industrial motherboard

12 May, 2004 | Supplied by: Backplane Systems Technology Pty Ltd

Backplane Systems expects to show IBASE's first Pentium 4 industrial motherboard, the MB800H, at the National Manufacturing Week 2004 exhibition.

Compact chassis

12 May, 2004 | Supplied by:

The JREX-CAGE1 is a compact chassis for Kontron's 3.5" embedded modules.

Standardised boards

15 March, 2004 | Supplied by: Kontron Australia Pty Ltd

The JRex 3.5" CPU boards fit in between PC/104 modules that are suitable for low production volumes with a broad selection of off-the-shelf available I/O modules and custom baseboard designs that use CPU board standards such as ETX and DIMM-PC.

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