Laser Driver

12 February, 2001 | Supplied by: Arrow Electronics Australia Pty Ltd

Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX3930, the world's lowest power 10.7 Gbps laser diode driver.

Micro Embedded Board

12 February, 2001 | Supplied by: ICP Electronics Australia Pty Ltd

ICP Electronics Australia has released its first Transmeta Crusoe embedded board, the Wafer-6820.

Dispersion Switches

12 February, 2001 | Supplied by: AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd

AMS Technical Services has introduced a new line of thermal dispersion flow and level switches, NuTec 2000.

Aviant dual BX Single Board Computer

12 February, 2001 | Supplied by: Interworld Electronics and Computer Industries

Interworld Electronics has announced the Aviant dual BX single board computer that features dual Pentium III processor support.

Audio Amplifier

12 February, 2001 | Supplied by: Adilam Technologies

TelCom Semiconductor has announced its first high-performance audio amplifier.

Processor Cores

12 February, 2001 | Supplied by: Braemac Pty Ltd

Altera has unveiled technical details of its RISC-based Excalibur embedded processor cores for system-on-a-programmable-chip (SOPC) designs.

256 kMRAM universal memory chip unveiled

07 February, 2001

Motorola Labs, partnering with the DigitalDNA Laboratories of the Semiconductor Products Sector, has disclosed an industry milestone in developing MRAM (magnetoresistive random access memory).

Gate Oxide Fabrication Method for MOS Devices

13 December, 2000

In an increasingly mobile world of go-anywhere, do-everything personal products, the semiconductor industry is locked into a search for technologies that support lower power consumption and enhanced reliability in highly integrated LSI.

AEEMA Identifies Photonics Opportunities

01 December, 2000

To develop a strong vertically integrated photonics industry in Australia, maximum cumulative 'value-add' needs to be retained here, according to Angus M Robinson, Executive Director, AEEMA.

Optical Control Chip

01 December, 2000 | Supplied by: Arrow Electronics Australia Pty Ltd

Dallas Semiconductor has announced the DS1846 NV tri-potentiometer, memory and micromonitor, an integrated chip that enhances laser control and design flexibility in optical transceiver modules.

Sound Power System

01 December, 2000 | Supplied by: National Instruments Aust Pty Ltd

Acoustic engineers now can take advantage of a computer-based system from National Instruments for measuring noise emissions.

7.7 Inch Low-Temperature Polysilicon LCD

17 November, 2000 | Supplied by: Toshiba (Australia) Pty Ltd

Toshiba Corporation has announced commercialisation of a 7.7 inch, low-temperature, polysilicon thin film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD), designed for mid-size electronic books supporting Microsoft's ClearType technology. Jointly developed by Microsoft and Toshiba the display will enter mass production at the beginning of 2001.

Acquisition Modules

17 November, 2000 | Supplied by: TekMark Australia Pty Ltd

Two acquisition modules and two software enhancements have been announced for the TLA Logic Analyser Family. The acquisition modules provide increased memory depth for the TLA700. The software enhancements include a capability that doubles timing speed and standardises the Windows 2000 operating system on both the TLA700 and TLA600.

Opportunities for Australian Photonics Industry

10 November, 2000

There is an opportunity for Australia to build a strong, wealth-creating photonics industry, but only if start-up photonics companies focus on the requirements of their customers, shareholders and staff, according to Mr Kevin Kalkhoven, recently retired chief executive of JDS Uniphase.

Photonics Forum

18 October, 2000

The Australian Photonics Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), in association with the Australian Electrical & Electronic Manufacturers' Association (AEEMA), is holding two forums on Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th November, at the National Convention Centre in Canberra.

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