LCDs made from graphene

13 May, 2008

Researchers at the University of Manchester in England have produced tiny liquid crystal devices with electrodes made from graphene — a development that could lead to computer and TV displays based on this technology.

Joint venture to develop OLED displays

13 May, 2008

DuPont and Dainippon Screen Manufacturing have formed an alliance to develop integrated manufacturing equipment for printed organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays.

Transistor Holy Grail nearer

13 May, 2008

Better switching performance of transistors of disordered silicon films can be achieved by making the conduction channel in the device very thin, according to research at the University of Surrey in England.

CAN bus interface

08 May, 2008 | Supplied by:

Impart Special Products,  Australian supplier of Emergency Vehicle Control & Safety Systems, has announced iCAN, which is a programmable set of modules that interface into a vehicle's CAN Bus system to retrieve information for use by the vehicle’s body control system.

Ultra low leakage diode

08 May, 2008 | Supplied by:

Central Semiconductor has released the CMAD6001 ultra low leakage diode in the SOD-923 package. This device is a 100 V, 250 mA diode with a low leakage current (IR) of 0.5 nA max., and low capacitance of 2.0 pF max.

Graphene used to create tiny transistor

06 May, 2008

Graphene has been used to create the world’s smallest transistor, one atom thick and 10 atoms wide, according to Dr Kostya Novoselov and Prof Andre Geim from The School of Physics and Astronomy at The University of Manchester.

Photonic crystal stamp

01 May, 2008

A high-accuracy, low-cost photonic stamp in silicon is aimed at helping the growing demand for photonic crystal structures necessary for future photonic devices.

Expanded line card

23 April, 2008

Richardson Electronics has released the 2008 line card for its RF, wireless and power conversion division, which designs and distributes components, modules and assemblies used in RF and wireless infrastructure, networks, digital broadcasting, defence and power conversion.

Fabrication of CNT transistor using coating process

17 April, 2008

NEC Corporation has developed a carbon nanotube (CNT) transistor using a coating process. The basic operation of the new transistor with advanced characteristics has been verified, confirming its application in the printed electronics field.

ITO and alternative transparent conductor markets to reach $9.4 billion

16 April, 2008

The market for transparent conductors used in display, photovoltaics and lighting markets will reach approximately US$9.4 billion by 2015, according to a new study from industry analysis firm NanoMarkets.

French acquisition

04 April, 2008

Kontron has acquired the French company Thales Computers SA, a subsidiary of Thales SA.

What's at the end of the rainbow?

10 March, 2008

British scientists have revealed a system called 'trapping rainbows' that may be able to slow down, stop and even capture light

USB microcontrollers

10 March, 2008 | Supplied by: Microchip Technology Australia

Microchip has announced 12 high-performance, 8 bit flash microcontrollers, including Microchip's first USB and LCD MCU families to include an on-chip, high-speed 12 bit analog-to-digital converter peripheral.

Dual-valve pressure controllers

10 March, 2008 | Supplied by: Duff & Macintosh

The Alicat PCD series dual-valve pressure controller eliminates the need for bleed ports and relief valves in systems with no inline flow (dead ended systems), giving:

Breakthrough in organic RFID

11 February, 2008

The Holst Centre presented a plastic 64-bit inductively coupled passive RFID tag operating at 13.56 MHz at the International Solid State Circuit Conference.

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